News!: Opus Consulting is now Opus Technologies. Read our CEO’s memo on this transformation.
News!: Opus Consulting is now Opus Technologies. Read our CEO’s memo on this transformation.

Upgrading a Monolithic Card Management System to Cloud with DevOps

A Journey of DevOps Consolidation and Modernization

Leading Financial Services Improves Governance, Accelerates Time to Market by Integrating a Best-of-breed Integration Platform

Major U.S. Banking and Payment Network Enables a Seamless and Consistent Checkout Experience for Shoppers and Merchants

Leading Financial Services Simplifies API Integration to Streamline Operations and Improve Governance

Fortune 500 company improves scalability and cost-effectiveness by migrating an application to the cloud

Productizing a Service- Partner Integration Certification and Support for a Leading Global Remittance Service Provider

European Payments Organization

CRM Consolidation for large US based Fintech

VISA Direct Connect for a prepaid card provider in the USA

Reconciliation and Settlement Engine for Prepaid Card

Migration from Monolithic Architecture to Microservices Stack for Masterpass

Loyalty Management System for a leading Financial Services provider

Leading wireless network operator arrests revenue leakage and improves customer satisfaction by automating its complex reconciliation process

Leading Global Remittance House- Salesforce Agent Live Chat Implementation

Leading FinTech firm improves time to market, lowers OpEx by integrating an end-to-end payment processing platform

Large American Payments Organization- Debit Card Management Solution using Microservices

Globalization of Prepaid Platform

Global Fintech – CRM Consolidation using Salesforce

EMV Compliance for a leading Prepaid Card Processor

Apple Pay SDK Implementation

American Payment Network Payments Switch Redesign

Salesforce Collaboration Portal for a Large Remittance House

Salesforce Agent Live Chat Implementation for

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