News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Cloud-Friendly Application Development

Upgrading Payment Operations and Services To The Cloud

With proficiency and deep experience in building cloud-native apps, Opus facilitates careful planning and strategic implementation of cloud transformation. Opus instills scalability and agility while improving the application performance Our superior cloud integration and development services lead to significant reductions in costs related to the data and applications security and management.

Key Challenges Faced by Organizations in Cloud Transformation

Cloud Friendly Native Application Development
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High costs and operational complexities related to updating and maintaining monolithic applications that lead to poor end-customer experience

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Inefficient resource utilization for maintaining the traditional server-based architecture that compromises agility and scalability

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Inconsistency in data and deterioration of security while integrating legacy systems with multiple cloud environments

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Lack of talent and skill to develop and deploy cloud-native applications efficiently

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High upfront investment to access the technology and architecture for a cloud platform

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Unoptimized applications lead to poor performance and unavailability during high-volume operations

Building Cloud-Native Apps To Foster Agility and Scalability

With digitization leading to interconnected online ecosystems, business expansion is driven by the scalability and efficiency of customer platforms. Cloud-native application development services by Opus facilitate the designing, building, deploying, testing, and managing cloud applications in the cloud-native landscape. We help organizations develop scalable, flexible, and cost-effective applications by leveraging cloud-native technologies, CNCF principles and modern development practices. Opus cloud consulting services help businesses recognize the most effective cloud platforms, DevOps, and containerization solutions for their unique business requirements.

Our Cloud Native Application Development Services Include

Cloud Application for microservices

Monolith to microservices transformation: Breaking down monolithic applications into manageable microservices for ease of management and instilling agility and scalability

Cloud for Server less Architecture

Serverless solutions: Reducing infrastructure costs by facilitating the development of serverless solutions to expedite development and enhance performance

Cloud Application Development

Hybrid cloud solutions: Integrating public and private cloud applications or on-premise and on-cloud services for complete control over data and operations

Modern Cloud Application network

Cloud-integration services: Enabling data use across platforms and environments by integrating cloud services such as HSM, cache management, and PaaS system

Opus Improves Business Outcomes through Cloud-Based Application Development Services 

Cloud Application Exchange and development

Enhances up-scaling or down-scaling of applications to align with fluctuating demand and provide flexibility in operations

Agile Process Framework

Amplifies agility in application evolution to respond to changing market demands rapidly

Innovation and ideas

Enables organizations to leverage emerging technologies and enhance business outcomes with innovative techniques

Supply value Chain in Digital payment process

Optimizes costs and performance by improving resource utilization and offering an elevated customer experience

Role of Encrypted technologies in Payment Systems

Facilitates better protection of data and applications with cloud-native security measures

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Frequently asked questions

Modernizing legacy applications involves identifying the right strategy for the course. Organizations can either decompose the system vertically/horizontally and choose to modernize only specific components of the applications or start building the entire application from scratch. The decision to rearchitect or rebuild is based on the budget, skillset, urgency, and impact on core operations.

There are four types of cloud development private, public, hybrid, and multicloud.

Certainly, cloud based development makes applications flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

There are 5 stages – requirement discovery (this requires business, data, and process modeling), design, development, testing, and maintenance.

A few cloud development tools are Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes,  Jenkins, and Google cloud platform.