News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

CORE Banking

Enriching Customer Experiences with Modern CORE Banking

With deep expertise in modern banking solutions, Opus orchestrates the transformation of the banking technology stack to adapt to dynamic market demands and offer innovative products and services to stay competitive. We provide consulting and solutioning for the CORE Banking to elevate customer experience and to enhance service deliverability.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks and FinTechs in Executing CORE Banking Transformation

Core banking Operations
Time operations in Core Banking systems

Complex, costly, and time-consuming upgrades from legacy system

CRM Management systems

Difficulty in managing tightly coupled external systems, such as the bank's CRM, risk management, upstream and downstream channels

Knowledge Transfer in Core Banking systems

Ineffective technical proficiency and business acumen lead to inconsistent business operations and a lack of progressive strategies

Legacy System Modernization services

Challenges in identifying the exact business and technical needs to choose the most compatible CORE solution

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud-incompatible traditional banking solutions add to complexity, delays, and cost overruns

Modern Global Network System

Need for localization and customization of legacy systems to adhere to regional, national, and global compliances

Fostering Deep Customer Relationships with Flexible Banking Services

With the evolution of the digital banking ecosystem, traditional banks must offer modern banking services in real-time. Opus offers the right core banking solution and enables real time services for banking operations such as, such as offering and serving loans and deposits, calculating interests, processing deposits and withdrawals with cloud-based CORE banking solutions. Our strategic technology stack integration methodologies include implementing MoSCoW principles for requirements, simplifying implementations, and expediting decision-making with cost-effective custom and CORE banking solution technology. Opus supports business growth while minimizing downtime for smooth technology transition and integration.

Our CORE Banking Services Include

Banking institution

Empowering banks to harness the potential of CORE banking solutions and expand their customer base through enhanced services and experiences

Iteration process used in systems

Ensuring friction-free migration with expert-designed strategies, utilities, and accelerators to streamline and expedite the process

Electronic systems used in Payment Modernization

Enhancing efficiency, reliability, and overall performance with a comprehensive approach to managing operations across integrated subsystems

Cloud Application Line Graph

Using advanced tools and cloud enhancements to effectively revitalize the CORE system

Time to reach the market

Accelerating time-to-market by leveraging microservices based architecture, latest tech stack and scaling capabilities to roll out tailored products and offerings

Financial Institutions

Optimizing interoperability and connectivity to external tech stacks of partners across the banking ecosystem

Opus Delivers Improved Business Value through CORE Banking Solutions 

Growth representing Core Banking Solutions

Fosters business growth by elevating customer experience to enhance acquisition and retention

Time Optimization Services

Minimizes downtimes and operational interruptions to maintain business continuity throughout migration and growth initiatives

Digital Merchant Onboarding Services

Facilitates efficient handling of complex and extensive systems with superior managed services

Team Leadership

Identifies areas of improvement for continued modernization with strategic decision-making

Profitable Analysis

Ensures cost-effective CORE revitalization by monitoring markets and technology advances to keep the business competitive cost-effectively

Decision Making Process

Simplifies the decision-making process by prioritizing growth initiatives and enables effective resource utilization

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Frequently asked questions

Centralized Online Real-time Exchange (CORE) banking systems connect nationwide branches of a bank to facilitate real-time operations. These systems enable loan management, withdrawals, deposits, payments, and customer relationship management seamlessly irrespective of the customer’s location.

CORE banking provides additional flexibility for all customers to invariably access all banking services from anywhere. While traditional banking treats commercial and retail customers distinctively, all CORE banking customers enjoy similar flexibility.

Cloud-based CORE banking solutions work as engines for all operations of a bank including accounts management, transactions, balances, journal entries, data storage, and reporting tools. API-based integrations of cloud services facilitate the decoupling of client data, products, and distribution channels.
The most pronounced benefits of CORE banking transformation are enhanced productivity, improved security, 24×7 access facility, reduced operational costs, and seamless multi-currency transactions.