News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Data Science & AI ML Services

Empowering Decision-Making through AI-Powered Data Science Enablement

With a comprehensive Data Science & AI/ML Services suite, Opus empowers banks and financial institutions to extract maximum value from data to drive critical business decisions. Our AI and ML services encompass data analysis, model development, and implementing AI/ML models to solve complex business problems.

Key Challenges in AI-Powered Data Science Capability Building 

AI in Machine Learning Systems
Customer resources

Lack of adequate tools and expertise to manage and extract insights from complex and unorganized datasets

AI ML Competition Services in the market

Intense competition with superior data capabilities to innovate and optimize operations leveraging AI and ML

AI ML services Efficiency

Constraints in terms of resources and capital to build and manage in-house data science and AI teams

Decision Making Process

Internal inhibitions for transitioning decision-making from traditional to data-driven processes

Scalability Representation

Challenges in ensuring scalability and reliability while deploying AI/ML models into existing production environments

Facilitating Data-Driven Decisions with AI-First Approach

With the increased competition and expansion of competitive space, businesses face diverse challenges in extracting relevant insights and leveraging them to make data-driven decisions. Opus offers comprehensive data science analytics services to leverage AI and ML models to democratize business decision-making. Our deep experience in the modern payments landscape facilitates customizing artificial intelligence solutions to address specific business requirements while ensuring security and data privacy.

Our Data Science Consulting Services Include


Preparing the data for effective modeling through effective cleansing, transformation, and analysis processes

Cloud Predictive Models

Offering AI/ML services to develop custom models leveraging NLP, analytics, visualization, and other AI capabilities

AI ML Data Integration in Systems

Ensuring reliable and effective integration and AI/ML model deployment within the boundaries of existing operational environment

Data research and analysis

Facilitating continued monitoring and optimization to ensure marinating model accuracy and relevance with evolving business and industry requirements

Opus Enables Data-First Transition to Foster Business Growth 

AI ML services

Empowers organizations to make informed decisions, identify new growth opportunities, and address setbacks proactively.

Innovative ideas and solutions

Facilitates innovation across products, services, and operations to get an edge in the competitive landscape

Scalability measures

Fosters scalability to adapt the system as AI/ML requirements grow

Customer reviews and ratings

Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty using data-driven personalization and recommendations

Document Evaluation

Enables proactive identification and mitigation of risks across business areas, from detection to supply chain optimization

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Frequently asked questions

AI and ML enable data scientists to gather insights by analyzing the data to recognize patterns and make predictions. Data Science involves analysis, visualization, and prediction which is done via statistical techniques and these are used by AI and ML models to deliver insights that drive business decisions.

AI Ml services allow businesses to leverage advanced tools and technologies to drive business growth and ensure relevance using data-driven insights, to identify market trends and develop market-winning strategies.

Artificial intelligence as a service allows businesses to implement ml, dl, and other advanced technologies without significant investment and reduced risk via API-based tool integrations.

The top challenges of AI as a service are lack of data expertise, clarity of data requirements, and infrastructural inadequacies. Risk mitigation and ensuring data privacy and security can be challenging.

AI PaaS facilitates developers and data scientists to employ machine and deep learning effectively and efficiently to develop advanced data analytics solutions and integrate them into business processes.