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News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

DevOps Advisory Services

Consulting Global Banks and FIs on Their Journey to DevOps Adoption

With our deep industry expertise in the payment industry, Opus enables banks and financial services to adopt a DevOps culture and mindset, improve software delivery, and respond faster to market demands.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks and FIs for DevOps Adoption

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Lack of proper planning and an in-house skill set often leads to the fragmented implementation of DevOps

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There is a need for a paradigm shift from the age-old culture that allocates budget and resources based on sub-teams and separates development from operations

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Absence of a well-defined transition framework that can bring development and operations teams onto a common platform

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Shortage of necessary investment in tooling and automation that can amplify the continuous removal of bottlenecks in the long run

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The need for a centralized governing body that has executive-level support to plan, implement, and review the DevOps shift continually

Accelerating Software Delivery with Effective DevOps Advisory Services

With neo-digital banks and FinTechs spearheading the change in consumer trends, traditional banks and financial services must adopt DevOps practices as a critical enabler for digital transformation and better service delivery. While deploying DevOps, it is important to embrace the change at every level of the organization to maximize its impact and bring about a real transformation. Through a highly experienced team in the payments industry, Opus offers DevOps maturity assessments, transformation blueprints, tool advisory services, coaching, and training. The goal is to fast-track the organization's leveraging of DevOps practices to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our DevOps Advisory Services Include

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Evaluating the current state of the software delivery process using a standardized maturity assessment framework to establish a transition roadmap

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Developing a detailed DevOps transformation blueprint that includes tools, processes, security, and cultural changes needed for a full-strength deployment

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Consulting on appropriate tools for source control, continuous integration & delivery, security, testing, automation, monitoring, and analytics

Opus offers expert consulting for smooth DevOps adoption

Wide Search of DevOps Practices

Identifies gaps in the current DevOps practices and offers expert advice to prioritize initiatives with a focus on increasing their maturity level

Live session to enable faster responding

Enables organizations to respond faster to the market, innovate with speed, and collaborate and communicate effectively

Decision making tools and services

Facilitates decision-making in selecting the right set of tools based on the budget, level of maturity, and expected levels of automation, scalability, and extensibility

Standard Compliance security and check

Simplifies compliance with the latest industry regulations, such as ISO 20022

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Frequently asked questions

DevOps services offer consultancy to an organization on its path to embracing DevOps practices, tools, and culture. Through DevOps services, an organization can understand the maturity level of their existing application and set a roadmap for complete DevOps implementation. These services also offer expert advice for selecting the right tools and frameworks based on the budget, nature of the application, and complexities involved in the implementation process.

The four key components of DevOps are alerting, an agile framework, automated testing, and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Alerting involves automated alerts based on application logs to understand the nature of the data that is being processed by the system. An agile framework enforces the flexibility that is needed to deal with unplanned tasks during every production sprint. Automated testing ensures that a code change does not lead to inadvertent errors. CI/CD enables faster releases for incremental updates.

The DevOps approach aims to bridge the gap between software production and operations by setting up a common platform for goal-setting, communication, and collaboration. In today’s digital era, the demands of consumers are rapidly evolving. Without DevOps processes to build, test, and deploy small packets of updates at a faster rate, it’s a challenge to keep pace with market dynamics.

DevOps is one of the critical enablers for digital transformation in a banking or financial institution. DevOps facilitates faster release cycles that help an organization keep pace with customer preferences. It also helps effectively utilize cloud-native infrastructure, microservices, and APIs to deliver better software quality with higher reliability.