News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

DevOps Dashboard & Metrics Services

Strengthening Monitoring & Insights with Custom DevOps Dashboard

With profound understanding of software development and delivery models, Opus ensures continuous monitoring of DORA metrics. Opus offers customizable dashboards providing real time insights at diverse user levels to gauge maturity and performance by measuring factors like lead time, deployment frequency, availability and repair time.

Key Monitoring Challenges Faced by DevOps Software Organizations

DevOps Dashboard and Metrics Services
DevOps Dashboard Software

Limited visibility of software development and delivery process since metrics data collection is missing

Low Quality in DevOps Dashboard

Decreased efficiency, communication gaps, and poor collaboration among siloed development and delivery teams

Inefficient Blocks

Inefficient monitoring due to nonstandard KPIs or metrics and nonstandard maturity standard model

Warning Time Symbol

Reduced business outcomes and delayed decision-making impacting project progress due to the lack of real-time data and metric availability

Modernizing DevOps Monitoring Dashboards to Ensure Successful Delivery

With the deepening complexities of remote and cloud-based DevOps, monitoring and managing progress can be challenging for all stakeholders. With years of experience in offering process and efficiency monitoring solutions, Opus enables complete visibility and preventive monitoring for all stakeholders throughout the software development and delivery cycle. We foster data-driven decision making through unified dashboards and insightful visualizations to accelerate issue discovery, tracking, and resolution in real-time.

Our DevOps Dashboard & Metrics Services Include

Aggregate Monitoring and Services

Aggregating and analyzing data and calculating DORA metrics from diverse tools for a comprehensive and centralized view of all areas of software development

DevOps Screen Monitoring

Enabling real-time monitoring of development and delivery pipelines to understand maturity status

DevOps Dashboard

Customizing DevOps metrics dashboards with the most relevant information, metrics, and visualizations for all user-levels

Opus Optimizes DevOps Monitoring 

DevOps Code and Development

Fosters transparency and improves visibility of the software design and development process with a unified view of all stakeholders and team members

DevOps Dashboard News

Facilitates prompt resolution preventing delays and disruptions with real-time insights and metrics to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint potential failures early

DevOps Dashboard in laptop

Enables data-driven decision-making to identify trends and improve processes by leveraging analytics to gather insights from dashboard data

DevOps Dashboard View

Drives continuous evolution through complete visibility of areas of improvement, measurement of the effectiveness of changes, and application of best practices for software development and delivery

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Frequently asked questions

DevOps Dashboards are customizable and interactive tools that provide real-time information regarding progress, setbacks, and efficiencies in software development and delivery processes.

The big 4 DevOps metrics are lead time for changes, change failure rate, deployment frequency, and mean time to recovery.

The 4 areas encompassing the principles and processes of DevOps monitoring are – culture, automation, measurement, and sharing, or CAMS. C.A.M.S. are also called the 4 pillars of DevOps.

DevOps metrics are considered industrial standards to assess the quality and reliability of software delivery of a DevOps organization.

Three popular types of monitoring tools are used for finance, process, and impact monitoring