News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

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DevSecOps as a Service

Automating Security Across SDLC With Innovative DevSecOps tools

With rich experience in securing cloud platforms, Opus offers superior DevSecOps as a service that enables build and deployment automation combined with automated testing, security and policy scans and change management processes. Our DevSecOps framework automates vulnerability scanning, compliance checks, and testing to ensure pristine security and release of financial solutions.

Key Challenges Faced by Development Teams in Integrating Security in Development and Operational Processes

DevSecOps as a service
Secure Shield and protection in Payment systems

Security vulnerabilities that creep into the agile development as security concerns are an active part of the planning process

Time Management

Lack of time, expertise, and resources to effectively integrate security through software development and operational workflows

Web Security added in payment systems

Lack of experience in managing DevSecOps and awareness of secure development practices

Cloud payment infrastructure

Inability to secure the infrastructure and containers for implementing superior security for cloud environments

Cloud Computing Technology in Payment systems

Expanding threat landscape and risk with increased use of cloud platforms

Automating Security for Faster and Safer Cloud-Native Development

With the deep penetration of cloud platforms across businesses and operations, ensuring application security in DevOps has become a technology differentiator. Continuous DevSecOps integration services by Opus help development and operations teams to incorporate security best practices throughout SDLC. Our superior DevSecOps automation framework optimize security testing and compliance in application development environments to enable early detection and elimination of vulnerabilities.

Our DevSecOps as a Service Offering Includes

Payment process Automation

Security automation and tooling: Providing access to a wide range of automation tools to integrate security across the software development life cycle

To-do Checklist

Continuous security testing: Identifying and addressing security issues with regular assessments, code analysis, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing

Secure Shield and Protection

Security expertise: Guiding and assisting the development, and operations teams to adopt secure development and testing practices

Cyber Security in payment systems

Secure infrastructure and configurations: Configuring secure infrastructure and containers to facilitate the implementation of secure practices across the cloud environments

Opus Optimizes Agility and Productivity with Cutting-Edge DevSecOps Integration

Document Evaluation

Enables assessment and mitigation of security threats in early stages by integrating security practices throughout SDLC

Automation payment process flow

Expedites time to market by automating security testing across the stages of agile product development

Cyber Security For Digital payments

Reduces expenditure on dedicated security infrastructure and manpower

Standard Compliance Check

Ensures effective compliance with industry and legislative security standards and guidelines effortlessly

Group Messages

Improves collaboration and communication between development and operations teams promoting shared security responsibility

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Frequently asked questions

The 5 key components of DevSecOps are – facilitating the collaboration of development, operations and security teams; ensuring clear and proper communication about the security controls and standards across team members; embedding automated information security measures within the application development process; ensuring the security of tools and architecture throughout the development life cycle; and making security testing an integral part of the test suite.

The key principle of DevSecOps is facilitating and ensuring optimal and automated security testing at each stage of development.

DevSecOps Tools empower the development and security teams to automate and integrate security within continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines necessary for agile software development. They minimize risks and fix vulnerabilities without slowing down the development pipeline.

DevSecOps service providers facilitate the creation and maintenance of a DevsSecOps ecosystem for optimized security automation throughout the software development life cycle for their clients.

DevOps focuses on improving the efficiency and quality of software development by transforming the organizational model to bring development and operations teams together. DevSecOps is an integrated software management approach that imbibes security throughout the software development process. It evolved from DevOps as cloud platforms became more mainstream and digital security critical to smooth operations.