News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Digital Banking

Delivering Transformative Digital Banking Solutions

As a leader in the payments space, Opus empowers banks, FinTechs, and financial institutions to offer digital-first products and services. Catering to the dynamic needs of a tech-enabled consumer, Opus allows traditional banks to stay competitive by modernizing their product and service portfolio and delivering differentiated offerings.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks, and FinTechs with Digital Banking Transformation

Digital Banking Payment Options
Detection and Warning

Risks to business continuity during digital transformation of the legacy systems that are incompatible with modern technologies

Customer on Mute

Lack of technical expertise to integrate all products, services, marketing programs, and other functions to facilitate personalized and consistent user experience across channels

Competitive Market

Stiff competition from FinTechs entering the banking space poses threats to existing banks and heightens expectations in the digital-first consumer ecosystem

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Deepening concerns and increasing cybersecurity threats make security a business imperative

Standard Rules and regulations

Complex regulatory requirements in the digital banking space

Cloud Adoption Network

Need for a robust technology infrastructure to support near-instantaneous response times and handle peak loads

Revolutionizing Digital Transformation in Banking

With digital transformation across industries, customer preferences, and needs are increasingly becoming digital-first. Opus helps banks, FinTechs, and credit unions to adapt to the digital banking ecosystem with end-to-end transformation services. Our exceptional capabilities to customize solutions enable branding, personalization, performance enhancement, and innovation while reducing costs and turnaround times. Opus employs cutting-edge technology to ensure scalability and performance during the transition with BaaS and a digital-first approach. Our experts ensure a friction-free user experience across interfaces to provide a competitive edge to our partners.

Our Digital Banking Services Include

Web Maintenance and Management

Modernizing the service platform while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems to ensure glitch-free and uninterrupted operations

Banking Institutions

Providing modern enterprise integration capability for multiple traditional core banking platforms

Self Banking Service

Orchestrating the complete digital transformation of tasks, products, and services and enabling process automation and self-service capabilities

Wide user experience

Enabling unified management of services and exceptional user experience across customer interaction channels with a modern channel service platform (CSP)

Role of encrypted technologies in payment systems

Facilitating security and efficiency with a range of APIs to integrate modern digital enterprise and traditional core banking system

Personalization in Payment Systems and Services

Enabling personalized experience by integrating AI and analytics to leverage data and generate useful insights from user behavior, preferences, transaction history, etc.

Payment and Money Transfer

Delivering differentiated use cases with BaaS strategy, such as digital account opening, remote check deposit and omnichannel banking platform

Opus Delivers Transformative Benefits through Futuristic Digital Banking

Customer Acquisition Services

Improves customer acquisition and retention rates while reducing costs by leveraging digital channels

Engineering and Settings

Achieves self-service with process automation to enhance customer experience, reduce cost and increase efficiency

Security in Banking Payment Systems

Allows open banking integration by enabling access to a wide range of services from other FIs and third-party applications

Customer Behavior

Delivers personalization through customer-centric design approach and unified experiences across interaction channels

Customer Representation

Accelerates KYC. AML and other regulatory verifications by automating compliance with AI-based tools

SEO Role and Functions

Attracts millennials with integrated digital-first and BaaS facilities

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Frequently asked questions

Accessing all banking activities including account opening, money transfers, and loaning process via a web or mobile application using the Internet is called digital banking. It saves branch opening costs for banks and FinTechs and allows users to enjoy anytime anywhere access.

Once you have got your digital card in your BoA mobile app, all you need to do is tap the image to reveal CVV, and expiration date to use it for cashless shopping. To get cash in your digital wallet, log into the digital wallet, and hover over the contactless symbol at any BoA ATM.

Online refers to using the web-based services of a bank. Digital banking is more of an umbrella term used for the paradigm shift transforming the banking and financial services space using advanced technologies.

Digital banking empowers people to access banking services outside of traditional banking business hours with any device connected to the Internet. It makes financial and non-financial products and services more accessible.

Advances in technologies are expected to facilitate personalized banking, real-time banking, voice banking, and much more. Data-driven customer experience across channels underpinned by AI-based automation will revolutionize and accelerate digital banking transformation.