News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Digital Commerce

Transforming Business Operations with Digital Commerce Strategies

With over 27+ years of deep experience in the modern payments space, Opus orchestrates digital commerce transformation for businesses to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology solutions. Opus’ integrated solutions enhance security, customer experience, resource utilization, and fraud prevention for cloud-based B2C and B2B digital commerce transition.

Key Challenges Faced by Businesses in Implementing Digital Commerce

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Complex security measures to protect customer data and the system from snowballing cyberthreats across touchpoints and vulnerable surface area of the cloud-enabled digital commerce systems

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Difficulties in understanding customer preferences, anticipating their needs and replicating in-person interactions through digital experiences seamlessly

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Lack of expertise for mobile optimization through responsive and user-friendly interfaces and maintain consistent experience across digital platforms

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Incompetency in instilling trust and maintain the integrity of the digital ecosystem to minimize chargebacks, frauds, and refunds

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Poor customer experience and card abandonment due to payment failures and technical glitches

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Challenges in ascertaining and integrating localized payment methods across geographical locations

Enabling Products and Services Delivery through Digital Channels

With the rapidly changing consumer behavior and proliferation of digital modes of transactions, digital commerce has become indispensable to ensure business relevance and growth. Opus, enables strategic adoption of mobile and social commerce techniques to help businesses break geographical barriers. Our broad ranging commerce as a service offerings, include online transactions, electronic payments, and digital marketing strategies to facilitate commercial activities. The extensive experience of experts at Opus drives the designing and building of API-based digital commerce solutions, such as a digital commerce platform, payment integration, consultations, and much more.

Our Digital Commerce Services Include

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Facilitating the designing and building of modern digital commerce platforms with integrated catalog management, payment gateways, order processing, inventory management, and CRM.

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Identifying the functionalities and associated microservices for implementing API gateways as a unified customer entry point and routing the requests adequately

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Automating the process through orchestration for effective digital commerce management

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Integrating the digital commerce platform with other systems and services to improve efficiency and streamline operations to enhance customer satisfaction

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Integrating payment gateways, intelligent routing mechanisms, and analytics to ensure security, compliance, and multi-mode transactions

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Curating seamless user experiences by providing UI/UX designing and development consultation backed by analytics and business intelligence solutions

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Leveraging customer behavior and market trends data with advanced tools and techniques to optimize marketing and expansion strategies and decision-making

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Enabling fraud detection and prevention with real-time transaction monitoring, ML-powered configuration, and blocking/unblocking suspicious MIDs

Opus Delivers Transformative Benefits with Digital Commerce Solutions 

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Facilitates seamless transactions with diverse payment methods instilling trust and confidence among customers

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Leverages data and analytics to curate customized consumer journeys and offer product and service recommendations according to individual preferences

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Enables more accurate and proactive fraud detection and prevention to enhance the overall security of the system and minimize financial loss

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Provides access to specialized expertise through consultations for support, training, monitoring, and management of digital commerce platforms

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Empowers businesses to establish global presence with effective use of digital outreach solutions

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Enhances successful transaction percentage to increase revenue and customer lifetime with the products or services provider

Orchestrates microservice integration to foster flexible building and upgrading mechanisms for the digital commerce platform

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Improves performance with reduced latency, enhanced user experience, and better fraud prevention

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Frequently asked questions

Digital commerce is the next iteration of e-commerce, it involves buying and selling goods and services through digital systems. It includes digitization of all aspects of commercial activities, including, transactions, marketing, customer service, and market analysis.

B2B product, services, and payment transactions without human interaction is one of the most common examples of digital commerce.

The eight unique features of e-commerce are – ubiquity, global reach, standardization, richness/diversity, interactivity, information density, personalization, and social technology.

A digital commerce platform is a technology solution to sell, distribute, and manage sales, omnichannel marketing, and operations through cloud-based software and services.

Digital commerce is a part of the massive cultural change taking place globally due to the penetration of the internet and smartphones and changing consumer preferences. It enables businesses to maintain relevance in the increasingly interconnected digitizing world.