News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Dispute Management and Investigations

Revolutionizing Dispute Management, Investigation, and Resolution

With abundant experience in managing exceptions and investigations, Opus facilitates banks and fintechs to offer streamlined, cost-effective, and satisfactory customer experience. Our payment investigation and dispute management solutions streamline credit investigation and enable real-time decision making.

Key Challenges Faced By Financial Services Providers While Handling Disputes

Dispute Management and Investigations
Procedural Flow

Absence of standardized processes due to poor accountability and industry regulation

Secure payment Gateway

Inadequate integration of legacy case management systems with the transaction processes

Device failures

Revenue leakage and cost overruns due to manual and inefficient investigation flows

Security Access Control and management

Lack of investment in technology and poor accessibility to real-time data results in difficulty in dispute analysis and resolution

Aggregate Data Analysis

Deficient data management and poor visibility of information flows lead to inefficiencies in dispute analysis and resolution

Bad Quality

Poor customer experience and higher revenue leakages due to manual dispute management

Optimizing Time and Cost of Resolution for Dispute Investigations

As customer experience takes center-stage across digital services, ensuring expedited dispute investigation and resolution has become a differentiator in the banking and financial services space. The absence of industry standards and domination of manual investigation process lead to higher costs and lower STP rates. Digitization of query intake, segregation, analysis, and allocation of disputable transactions can streamline and accelerate investigation and resolution. Opus facilitates banks and FinTechs to rethink their dispute management strategies with next-generation operational models to reduce risk and offer real-time resolution ensuring regulatory compliance. Our proficiency with automatic dispute management in digital payments empowers our partners to make real-time credit decisions and resolve disputes for an elevated customer experience.

Our Dispute Management and Investigation Services Include

Error Message

Reducing friction in dispute logging and improving customer experience with intelligent chatbots equipped with pointed questions

Problem Solver

Designing and building a centralized platform for disputes and investigations integrated with card association dispute systems

Data management Flow planning

Triggering automated resolution workflows by intelligent conversion of inbound queries to investigative cases, and

Automation payment process management

Automating payments and transaction information retrieval and marking for manual review by leveraging packaged templates and intelligent keyword searches

Discounts and Offers

Lowering resolution costs and delay with Smart Investigation Manager to automate SWIFT formatted message generation, internal ledger adjustments, and journal entries

Opus Facilitates Efficient and Compliant Dispute Management

Icon representing the reviews rating

Boosts operational efficiency and improves customer experience with reduced dispute-resolution cycle times and intelligent process automation

Chart Presentation

Automates segregation and assignment of complex and simple queries to appropriate departments with advanced analytics

Flow Chart and settings

Reduces operating expenses by 25% to 40% by implementing next-generation workflow models

Settings Flow

Creates opportunities for strengthening customer relationships by transforming dispute investigation and resolution process

Data Search and Analysis

Digitizes and simplifies query intake process to streamline exception research significantly reducing resolution time and effort

Work Flow

Automates intake, type identification, case preparation, allocation, first analysis and investigation of cases and sends customer alerts with an intelligent workflow engine

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Dispute management is the process of taking appropriate actions to resolve and address the grievances raised in invoices or payments. This includes identifying and mitigating the issues raised and satisfactorily communicating about the same to the relevant parties.

Effective dispute resolution gives the organization the best opportunity to facilitate between involved parties to establish deeper business and customer relationships.

Fraud investigation and dispute service providers empower banks and financial services providers to prevent and mitigate the effects of fraud. Digitization of query intake and analysis enhances and reduces cost and time of resolution improving customer experience.

The two most popular methods of card dispute resolution are refund and chargeback. Opus empowers banks and FinTechs to make time decisions with automated dispute management solutions.

Credit card dispute begins with assessing transaction data such as timestamps, location, and IP address to find the origiinvestigation ns and/or indicators of fraud. The resolution is offered after a thorough analysis of all the available evidence after conducting a thorough investigation.