News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Liquidity & Cash Management

Empowering banks with modern IT for liquidity and cash management

Having delivered cutting-edge IT solutions to the banking and FinTech industries for more than 27+ years, Opus offers expert consulting solutions to design, deploy, and manage modern liquidity and cash management platforms.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks and Payment Participants

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Inability to manage adequate liquidity to process the increasing volume of real-time payments

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Ineffective cash flow management leads to delays in account settlements, causing low customer satisfaction

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Difficulty in managing compliance with ever-evolving regulator and operator guidelines

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Need for centralized visualization and control of positions across business lines, schemes, networks, and regions

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High costs are associated with integrating different liquidity management tools for each LOB

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Lack of preparedness in the event of potential contagion risk and a global credit or liquidity crunch

Simplifying Visibility into Intraday Liquidity to Manage Risks

With the thriving popularity of real-time payments, banking institutions require timely visibility into cash flow to meet the day’s payment accountability. This, along with the ever-evolving interconnectedness of the global economy, makes liquidity and cash management one of the most strategic functions for banking institutions and FinTechs. With a strong understanding of the potential impact of a liquidity crisis on the banking sector, Opus offers expert consulting for managing liquidity risks by effectively monitoring intraday cashflows and promoting funding risk assessment.

Our liquidity and cash management solutions include

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Implementing an API-led modern liquidity management platform that utilizes real-time data and smart algorithms to forecast liquidity and cash flow patterns

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Building tools for real-time calculations on the position of nostro accounts while actively managing liquidity in the funding account

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Deploying configurable business rules to facilitate liquidity transfer, provide real-time threshold alerts, and trigger actions to release or hold payments

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Simplifying integration with core banking services and critical business functions through microservices-based architecture

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Offering expert consultancy in developing solutions to optimize payments activity across the globe, become liquidity efficient, and plan for time-sensitive payment obligations

Enabling a robust liquidity management strategy with a proactive approach

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Delivers a single platform to monitor liquidity across all LOBs and Nostro accounts worldwide

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Empowers strategic decision-making with the use of data-rich visual dashboards that offer visibility into cash flows and help in forecasting liquidity crises

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Offers an enterprise-level reporting engine with the dexterity to respond faster to regulatory and market changes

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Facilitates frictionless payments with a strong and improved customer and correspondent banking relationship

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Enables smooth domestic transfers, based on domestic scheme guidelines, with a centralized liquidity management tool

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Offers customizable rule-based STP and improved operational efficiencies with a well-defined account structure

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Frequently asked questions

Cash and liquidity management includes effective planning, monitoring, forecasting, and management of liquid assets and cash flows with the aim of averting a potential crisis. Given the unique positioning of banking institutions in an economic setup, they are inherently vulnerable to liquidity risks. Thus, an effective liquidity management framework is the cornerstone for ensuring good service delivery to customers. Banks employ modern IT infrastructure and liquidity management tools to make this function as smooth and resilient as possible.

Some of the popular techniques of cash management are liquidity planning, daily payment transaction optimization, refinancing, cash pooling, and forecasting.