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News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Paysemble Message Translator:
Manage Diverse Message Structures with Ease

Effortlessly Fuse Tech Prowess into Financial Transactions with Message Translator

Opus’ Message Translator facilitates seamless communication and data exchange between heterogenous systems by addressing the intricacies of diverse protocols and message formats.

Configure, Deploy, Scale and Launch Digital Payments with Message Translator

Our team has done the heavy lifting, so banks and financial institutions can enjoy accelerated benefits.

Accelerate enterprise-wide integration of systems

  • Highly configurable workflows that are easy to adapt and optimize for specific business requirements
  • Ensures seamless integration of systems with varying communication requirements and communication between systems with disparate architectures

Flexible & Scalable

  • Supports various wire protocols and message formats
  • Supports various industry standards and custom formats
  • Independent of deployment framework
  • Messages received simultaneously from different sources can communicate through various channels
  • Specify, test, deploy, and integrate with external systems (3rd party switches, account management systems, service providers, channels)


  • Deploy as a service or embed inside a host application
  • Create custom formula library and share across projects/nodes
  • Configure rules to consider various message attributes, including content, source, destination, or any custom metadata, enabling intelligent message routing
  • Integrate custom protocols, message formats, or communication channels as per specific requirements
  • Custom plugins and extensions can be added to enhance functionality with evolving business needs

Faster Time to Market

  • Built-in formula library, with familiar Excel formulas
  • GUI-based configuration
  • Abstraction of technical details
  • Rule-based routing that directs messages to their appropriate destinations based on predefined criteria.

Intuitive Interface

  • Easy to define & configure source, destination, field, and formats
  • Simple drag-and-drop for message mapping

Options Galore

  1. Generate documents that exactly capture the current system contract/flow.
  2. Extensive message protocols support – Translation from one message protocol to any other message.
  3. Maker & Checker functionality to enhance governance and security in the configuration update process.
  4. Built to manage API lifecycle and supports versioning

Components and Workflow

Our Message Translator empowers organizations to adapt to evolving communication requirements by supporting a variety of protocols, message formats, and communication channels. Its flexibility, extensibility, and rule-based routing capabilities make it a valuable asset for organizations with diverse systems and data exchange requirements.

Use Cases for Message Translator

Integration Accelerator for Systems/Applications

  • Seamless Integration across Global and Domestic Networks
  • Streamlined Connectivity with Payment Gateways
  • Facilitation of Real-Time Payment Processing
  • Compatibility with auxiliary systems such as FRMS, Clearing & Settlement, etc.


API Framework Functionality: Modernization pathway for legacy systems.

Transaction Testing Simulator: Functionality as a simulator for testing transactions.


Rapid Interface Builder with Flexible Configuration: Efficiently reduces interface development time through quick and flexible configuration options.