News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Migration Services

Modernizing Financial Applications with Value-Driven Migration Services

With a customized and knowledge-driven approach to migration, Opus facilitates BAU seamlessly after any merger, acquisition, or transitioning to a new platform. Owing to a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise, Opus helps banks and financial service providers navigate assessment, planning, risk control, testing, and integration during a FinTech migration process.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks and FIs in Managing Migration

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Complexity in migrating large volumes of application and business data in a swift and error-free manner

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Severe consequences for business operations, as well as end user, due to downtime and disruptions

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Need for specialized skills to plan and manage data and infrastructure of large proportions

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Difficulty in choosing the appropriate migration, and post-migration testing and validation approaches

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Failure to ensure digital, regional, and international compliance while migrating finance systems may incur penalties, reputational damage, or fines

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Incompatible hardware, software, and network configuration make migration from source to target environment tedious

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Lack of proper training and ongoing support to the end user once the migration has been completed

Delivering Competitive Advantage with Full-Scale Migration Services

In the constantly evolving FinTech space, maintaining flexibility while providing customized user experience is becoming increasingly essential. This calls for migrating financial operations from legacy to innovative platforms. With 27+ years of experience in payments, Opus offers full scale migration services, including assessment, planning, risk assessment, building repeatable process for data migration, system integration, testing and training. Opus customizes the migration approach to minimize risk and manage cost trade-offs. With the right combination of migration experts and technology, Opus ensures minimum to no BAU disruption while delivering extensibility and configurability. We optimize the use of available resources with effective assessments, strategic planning, and risk analysis, and build repeatable processes to accelerate migration.

Our FinTech Migration Services Include

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Supporting migration needs due to mergers and acquisitions, platform upgrades, portfolio integration and platform modernization

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Addressing requirement, resource, testing, and BAU disruption while balancing risk, cost, and time

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Implementing migration plan, data de-conversion, migration, and post-migration strategically to minimize end user impact

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Ensuring target system’s compatibility with ETL pipelines to automate parallel data movement via transformation sink

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Enabling continuous testing for ETL pipeline and target infrastructure for performance

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Accelerating migration by leveraging licensed, cloud-native, and open-source tools on need basis

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Developing custom plugins to handle complex migrations across incompatible source and target systems

Opus Streamlines Migration Across Disparate and Disjoint Platforms

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Optimizes infrastructure utilization and operational efficiency

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Reduces hardware and software licensing costs with application and platform consolidation

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Allows differentiation in the competitive landscape with innovative solutions

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Enhances flexibility with adaptable business processes and improved performance

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Enables scalability in line with business needs

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Frequently asked questions

Banks have massive amounts of critical user data. To maintain relevance in evolving global marketplace they need to move from inflexible legacy systems to dynamic new-age platforms. This movement, while managing risk and integrity, is called data migration.

Also called the 6 R’s, the steps of migration are: Retire (legacy platform), Retain (necessary processes and data), Rehost (to transform to the new format), Replatform (move the data), Refactor (ensure seamless usability), and Re-architect (designing storage and access mechanisms to maintain scalability).

Migration services are provided by professional migration experts who help businesses manage the complete FinTech cloud migration from strategy to execution. They ensure security, scalability, optimal resource utilization, and zero-customer impact throughout the process and help maintain BAU.

Migration services accelerate and optimize data movement from source to target finance systems. At Opus, we ensure risk assessment and management, data integrity and security, and seamless end-user experience pre- and post-migration. We also provide post-migration support to our clients to help them realize the ROI of platform transition. 

Migration to new-age technologies enables FinTechs and BigTechs to elevate the customer experience by providing flexible products and services, accelerating and standardizing transactions, and facilitating omnichannel usage.