News!: Join An Exclusive Webinar Series to Gain Actionable Insights for Payment Transformation in 2024. Know More
News!: Join An Exclusive Webinar Series to Gain Actionable Insights for Payment Transformation in 2024. Know More


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[WEBINAR] Fast-track Digital Transformation with an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Strategy

The days of configuring your infrastructure manually are moving behind us. It’s time to reap the benefits of process automation by integrating your infrastructure into version control.

IaC, an essential DevOps practice has become indispensable to a fast-paced software delivery lifecycle. We recently brought industry experts together and hosted an insightful webinar and Q&A session.

Watch the webinar recording to know how key players in the financial services industry are already tapping into the immense benefits of IaC

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DevSecOps: The Modern Enterprise’s Guide to Baking Security into the Development Process

The rising need for security integration throughout the product lifecycle is bringing about an evident shift from DevOps to DevSecOps. Accelerated delivery of high-performance and secure applications does not come without its challenges.

In this white paper, we take a look at the core value propositions of DevSecOps and discuss the tools, as well as the recommended approaches that will help organizations proactively resolve issues and deliver on the promises of the modern digital enterprise.

We work with leading payment and Fintech organizations to enhance enterprise agility by redesigning and redeveloping critical payment applications into flexible microservices-based applications.

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