News!: Join An Exclusive Webinar Series to Gain Actionable Insights for Payment Transformation in 2024. Know More
News!: Join An Exclusive Webinar Series to Gain Actionable Insights for Payment Transformation in 2024. Know More


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CEO Praveen TM Talks to FinTech Magazine

We recently had a special feature in FinTech Magazine, a renowned digital community for the banking, payments, and financial services industry.  In this interview, our CEO Praveen TM shares his thoughts on the payment trends on the horizon, the limitless potential of the digital economy, and how Opus is leading the payments modernization wave.

Praveen also talks about how Opus is shaping the competitive landscape of payments and creating long-term advantages for our clients and their consumers.

From The CEO’s Corner

The Business Benefits of Effective Team Collaboration

While the benefits of a collaborative culture are many, to be able to break down silos and achieve collaboration across the organization—you need to tackle the problem at its roots. What causes a silo mentality and how does it creep into the business environment?

In this article, our CEO Praveen TM talks about the 5 key business benefits of building a collaborative workforce.

Achieve Digital Transformation at Scale with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Organizations in the financial services industry are gearing up to implement IaC to accelerate their digital journey. Join this webinar to get expert tips on how using IaC tools will enable organizations such as yours, to bring consistency in provisioning, deploying, and scaling. 

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We’re helping organizations stay ahead in today’s digitally competitive world with our cutting-edge payment solutions.

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About Us: Opus Technologies focuses on shaping the future of payments technology. With experience building highly innovative solutions and products, we combine our deep technology proficiency with unmatched domain expertise in Payments and Fintech, enabling us to deliver unparalleled quality and value in everything we do.

Our team partners with a diverse global customer base, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 financial leaders, all focused on digital transformation and driving innovation in payments.

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