News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More


Empowering PayFacs to Expand Rapidly in a Competitive Market

With over 27+ years of deep experience across full spectrum payments in banking and commerce, Opus empowers PayFacs by simplifying merchant onboarding, payment processing, merchant management, reconciliation, and dispute management. Opus’ integrated solutions facilitate data collection and comprehensive reporting to help them make informed decisions.

Key Challenges Faced by PayFacs

Payment Facilitators in Digital Transformation
Physical Balance

Difficulty in striking the right balance between streamlined merchant onboarding and thorough vetting and underwriting to assess risk

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Technical complexities and time investment required to integrate multiple payment gateways and acquirers

Fake News and Documents

Assuming the liability of fraud and chargebacks incurred by their sub-merchants

Document Regulatory services

Need to comply with various regulatory standards, PCIDSS and anti-money laundering requirements

Eco Friendly System

Requirement to maintain a safe environment to protect the payment system against data breaches

Customer Complains

Challenges in offering technical support to numerous sub-merchants and training the support team for the same

Facilitating PayFac Enablement for Diverse Payment Routes

With the proliferation of online payment methods, businesses are in an unending need for a simpler mechanism that allows customers to pay via their preferred methods. Opus supports PayFacs in offering merchants comprehensive underwriting, payment processing, security, and reconciliation services. Through robust technology solutions for KYC, AML, and compliance protocols, Opus enables PayFacs to offer a single unified platform to merchants for all online payment channels.

Our PayFac Services Include

Payment Solutions

Designing and building a modern PayFac platform that offers frictionless merchant onboarding, merchant management, payment processing, reconciliation, and dispute management solutions

Icon representing Flexible payment options

Enabling multichannel payment processing and facilitating their merchant partners to offer flexible payment options to their customers

Cashier at Store

Providing uniform merchant experience across acquirers and payment processors for an elevated experience

Decision Making Process

Empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reports based on transaction data, consumer behavior, and revenue trends

Conflicts and Resolutions

Integrating payment processors and dispute management systems on a unified interface to protect merchants and end customers against fraudulent activities and chargebacks

API in cloud computing technology

Driving API-based integration with payment processors for dynamic merchant payout and reconciliation and transaction settlement capabilities

Process involved Payment services

Enabling a machine learning-based intelligent routing system to increase the payment success ratio

Opus Delivers Transformative Benefits with PayFac Solutions 

eCommerce Shopping Stores

Facilitates business expansion for PayFacs by simplifying merchant onboarding and management

Integrated Payment Gateway Options

Enables PayFacs to offer diverse payment methods by integrating multiple processors and gateways

Team Leadership

Accelerates decision-making while reducing risk with valuable insights from merchant data generating using advanced analytics and reporting techniques

Security Shield

Safeguards PayFacs and their merchants from targeted cyberattacks by ensuring compliance with diverse regulatory standards and certifications with processor and card networks

Cloud Computing Concept

Facilitates seamless intelligent routing of payments to different payment processors, acquirers, PSPS, gateways, and alternate payment methods dynamically

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Frequently asked questions

A payment facilitator or PayFac is a company that provides technology infrastructure for retail merchants to accept electronic payments.

PayFac as a service is a turn-key model that enables businesses to accept online payments by providing necessary tools and infrastructure, such as credit or debit cards, ACH, and echecks.

A PayFac opens a master merchant account using partnership agreements with acquiring banks to serve as an intermediary between businesses and banks for electronic payments in real-time.

A PSP or payment services provider is another name for a PayFac.

In the ISO model, merchants enter a contract with the payment processor directly, which may be a bank or a financial services provider. Whereas, the PayFac model, eliminates the need for each merchant to have an individual account and contracts are drawn between the PayFac and the business.