News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More


Payments Transformation

Opus’ DNA is founded in the payments industry world; over the last two decades, we have been working alongside innovators in payments, from the days of ATMs and device-based payments to today’s touchless, digital, and invisible transactional ecosystems.

Both service providers and users of payments technologies typically struggle with some key challenges, including

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Legacy architecture that may roadblock new initiatives

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Fragmented customer experience

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Discrepancies in disputes and chargebacks

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High cost of integrating new forms of payments

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High cost of legacy maintenance and enhancing capabilities to meet new demands

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Hidden fee structure for merchants

Experience in the Payments Spectrum

Opus’ modernization approach takes a customer-centric view of their end-to-end payments value chain—from customer on-boarding, through payment initiation to clearing, and all the way to final settlements, including charge-backs and refunds. We focus on middle and back-office functions to enable innovation, connect to payment processors, and embrace new networks and product ideas. Our domain experts bring deep experience in enabling multiple channels to complete payment activity while driving consistent experiences and information exchange across all the secure channels.

Our Omni-Channel Solutions include
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Tailor-made mobile POS solutions, location-based applications, digital receipts, NFC and other proximity payment method solutions

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Wallet provisioning and cloud-based hosting development, multi-provider integration, and regulatory compliance

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Customized mobile app development solutions

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Virtual Assistance for Customer Engagement

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Seamless UI/UX design solutions

Opus delivers transformative benefits with our cloud services

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Engineer a foundation for payment systems, including workflow engines, business rules, ISO 20022 payload, and enriching data.

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Streamline payments workflows, modernize and replace legacy technology, and create new consumer products and services

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Rationalize payment platforms by consolidations, and over time with mergers and acquisition to combine the common set operations that platforms perform

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Enable financial institutions to simplify their payments infrastructure and deliver an effective payments strategy

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Frequently asked questions

Payment modernization is the transformation of the end-to-end payments value chain right from client initiation to settlements. This involves a holistic approach applied to enable faster payment processing and offer more flexible payment options through secure channels.

Legacy payment methods are old or out-of-date systems and technologies that are costly and result in inefficient payment infrastructures. 

Some of the popular digital payment methods include debit and credit cards, mobile payments, internet and mobile banking, POS terminals, digital wallets, QR codes, Buy Now, Pay Later financing, etc.