News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Product Advisory Services

Driving Transformation Process and Technology Adoption

With deep experience in the payments ecosystem, process expertise, and technology depth, Opus Technologies retail and consumer products advisory services enable financial businesses to maximize ROI, accelerate time-to-market, and diversify revenue streams. Our product management advisory services empower our customers to leverage the domain experience and technology to transform payment ecosystems and build long-term business roadmaps.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks, FinTechs, and Credit Unions

Product Advisory Services in Global Market
RoadMap Plan

Inadequate understanding of effective product road-map with clear distinction of must-have, should-have, could-have, and not-have features

Work Flow chart

Unmethodical workflow management that decelerates market launch and may disrupt existing operations

Icon representing ROI

Challenges in extracting competitive ROI due to slowed innovation and lack of financial promise in product offerings


Gaps in customer demand and business supply because of missing feedback loops and delayed market entry

Product Advisory regulation services

Complexities in navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving regulatory landscape

Icon representing Light Bulb

Lack of expertise in orchestrating technology adoption to ensure innovation and seamless integration with legacy infrastructure and market trends

Leveraging Innovative Technologies for Pioneering FinTech Solutions

In the rapidly evolving financial environment, it is essential to keep pace with the changing requirements through expedited value additions and technology adoption. With deep experience in leveraging disruptive technologies to offer innovative financial solutions, Opus Technologies provides consultation services to banks, FinTechs, and credit unions to enhance the value of their offerings. Our experts have full spectrum exposure from monetizing existing products and services to creating blueprints to enhance the business model to stimulate growth through a tailored approach. Opus Technologies enables adoption of growth-oriented product and service design architecture and helps its customers build a scalable and adaptable process framework for continued evolution.

Our Product Advisory Services Include

MVP Source Code

Build Strategy: Defining goals and objective, accelerating ideation to MVP through rapid prototype development and pilot testing with institutionalized design thinking and lean models

The right set of payment features

Feature Strategy: Studying current state of the product, strategizing product improvement and future feature development with market trends and competitor analysis

Icon representing Multiple technologies

Evolution Strategy: Constructing a qualitative growth model to create new sources of revenue and enhance existing levers of acquisition, retention, and monetization

Scaling up towards Global Rise

Extension Strategy: Expanding the ceiling of the product/market fit with saturation analysis and strategic opportunity creation based on the market and capabilities

Scaling Towards rise

Augmentation Strategy: Enabling multi-dimensional scaling – technology, process, and user to orchestrate strategies to build customer loyalty and attain future business goals

Opus Technologies Enables Differentiation in the Business Landscape 

Icon representing Time to reach Market

Brings competitive advantage with accelerated time to market utilizing go-to-market strategies and business models

Icon representing customers rating

Revives product development and integrates business roadmap with technology innovation roadmap

Icon representing settings and features

Facilitates deeper customer engagement and elevated experiences with tailored approaches to address their requirements

Standard Compliance and standards

Ensures compliance to eliminate regulatory or customer penalties with standardized product approaches


Maximizes resource utilization to increase the growth potential and continued success

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Frequently asked questions

Product advisory services empower banks, credit unions, marketplace lenders, and other financial institutions to leverage advanced technologies to transform their payments ecosystem. They help them build cohesive product strategies to focus on features, growth, and dynamic scaling.

Product advisory service professionals introduce well-defined and consistent product development approaches to ensure product accomplishment and accelerate product monetization.

There are many benefits to advisory services, such as regulatory guidance, strategic business development, operational bottleneck discovery and elimination, and product management.

Advisory services bridge the knowledge and expertise gaps persistent in financial firms, for effective and efficient technology integration in the business landscape.

Different types of advisory needed in the financial space are – strategic consulting, product and service management, growth planning, technology integration, and talent management.