News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Product Maintenance & Support Services

Enabling Continued Improvement with 360° Maintenance and Product Support

With 27+ years of devoted expertise in the payments industry, Opus Technologies offers total productive maintenance and support to empower financial businesses, including banks and FinTechs to consistently deliver high-quality and satisfactory user experience. Opus Technologies enables effective, efficient, and continuous improvement through cutting-edge technology.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks, Digital Payment Enablers To Ensure Continued Improvement

Project Maintenance and Support Services
Cost Factor

Increased cost of maintenance due to outdated technologies and supporting infrastructure

Prioritizing Tasks

Persistent conflict between mission-critical legacy applications and changing business priorities

Standard Security and Compliance Check

Cumbersome compliance with the latest regulations due to obsolete technologies

Puzzle representing Problem Solving Pattern

Absence of necessary tools to measure productivity and resource capacity affects product maintenance

Product Maintenance and Strategy

Isolated knowledge, poor documentation, and scarce resource pool affect planning and productivity

Enhancing Product Life-Cycle with Exceptional Managed Services

As businesses evolve in the fast-paced global competitive landscape managing resources is increasingly becoming critical and complex. With an extensive pool of highly experienced professionals in application maintenance, enhancement, compliance, security updates, and production support, Opus Technologies streamlines efficient and effective continued improvement. Opus Technologies enables the leadership to focus on strategic initiatives while taking over the entire application management and maintenance. Through exhaustive experience across modern payment technologies, dynamic customer expectations, and business models Opus Technologies delivers quantifiable benefits across functional areas, such as digital banking, credit and lending, card and banking core management, remittance, etc.

Our Product Maintenance and Support Services Include

Business Man with standard check

Gated knowledge transition and takeover process through a core team of experienced professionals

Timeline Flow

Optimizing maintenance and development for legacy applications, while managing scope, schedule, and resources

Product Metrics

Propelling business success with single-point-of-ownership, metrics-based reporting, and quick alignment based on market needs

Iteration Flow

Managing change, release, and incidents throughout the transition and process

Team Leadership

Allocating dedicated teams for product development, INC support, L2 and L3 support, and flexible capacity for handling peak workloads

Market Growth and Development

Ensuring continuous improvement with metrics-based reporting and robust governance and escalation model

Customer Services

Enabling managed services across multiple business functions, such as digital banking, credit and lending, card management, core banking, and remittance

Opus Technologies Ensures Hassle-Free Application Transition and Knowledge Transfer

Customer Responsibility

Facilitate focus and bandwidth for strategic initiatives and client deliveries by taking over execution and operational responsibilities

Customer Prediction

Enhance YOY run efficiency to reduce costs via predictable and reliable execution

Customer Productivity

Eliminate resource and finance management overheads while optimizing the allocation and improving productivity


Expedite the alignment of products to continuously evolving business needs through a single point of ownership model

Work Flow

Provides SLA and metrics-based reporting for clear insight into the operations

Customer Interaction

Optimize resource allocation to increase productivity with effective skill alignment

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Frequently asked questions

Product maintenance and support are the two critical product management activities that involve the prediction, planning, production, and marketing of a product while continually improving its quality.

The post-release support to ensure optimal operations and updates to extend the longevity of the product to ensure business continuity is called product maintenance.

Total productive maintenance (TPM) involves predictive and preventive maintenance to continually enhance efficiency. Whereas, total quality maintenance (TQM) is a quality control activity aimed at systemizing management across an organization’s processes to eliminate defects.

Product support is an after-sales activity to address customer concerns for delivering exceptional experiences. It is aimed at maximizing after-sales customer satisfaction.

Product support analysis is the systematic discovery of the entire resource landscape required to plan, develop, and maintain a product support system.