News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Retail & Commercial Banking

Driving Digital Transition for Retail and Commercial Banking

With immense industry experience in defining the digital transformation roadmap for legacy financial institutions, Opus facilitates retail and commercial banks to modernize their business models through technology intervention. Our customized services for commercial and retail banking solutions foster improved customer experience through innovative products and efficient processes.

Key Challenges Faced by Retail and Commercial Banks

Retail Commercial Banking Solutions
Payment system and security

Maintaining seamless experiences and security throughout digital transformation via multi-channel integration

Expertise Ideas

Nee for technical expertise to deliver personalized, unified, and accelerated products and services across touchpoints

User feedback and reviews

Disruptions introduced due to the proliferation of FinTechs and innovations to address the changing preferences and needs of customers

Document Compliance

Ensuring compliance in the digital space at par with branch banking which is losing customer preference

API Tokenization

Competition from alternative and digital lending sources better aligned with the changing economic environment

Regulation act in Banking institutions

Complexities in navigating international regulations while managing risks and ensuring accelerated cross-border transaction completion

Payment and Financial activities in Banking systems

Difficulty in integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations to deliver sustainable commercial banking services

Bottleneck issues in Banking systems

Delayed cash-flow visibility and inadequate security measures create performance bottlenecks

Providing Competitive Edge in Transforming Retail and Commercial Banking Operations

The burgeoning of NBFCs, FinTechs, and other financial services providers in the globalizing digital banking space has intensified the competition and need for a digital transformation of retail and commercial banking services. Opus empowers banks to offer highly secure, personalized, and unified retail banking experiences by integrating diverse channels and platforms and analyzing retail banking trends. Our commercial banking transformation services enable stakeholders to deliver tailored products and solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses, corporations, and institutions.

Our Commercial and Retail banking Services Include

Payment card usage in banking platforms

Integrating secure mobile and digital payments with a customer-centric approach to operational intelligence across middle and back offices

ATM Machine

Automating Branch banking with self-service solutions like digital banking and kiosks

Banking Discipline

Facilitating personalization and self-management of finances through user-friendly budgeting, expense-tracking, and financial goal-setting tools

Application Platform

Delivering unified experiences across digital touchpoints and platforms to all customers

Chats and Discussion

Reducing manual intervention for faster customer onboarding

API Ecosystem Strategy

Leveraging API-based integrations to empower fintechs and banks to offer open banking services by renovating legacy IT architecture

AI in Payment security

Enabling AI-powered risk management and fraud prevention with superior assessment and alerting techniques

Cash Banking Notes

Offering transformational digital lending and cash management services with interactive and user-friendly interfaces

Opus Modernizes Retail and Commercial Banking


Enables third-party developers to create innovative solutions and drives seamless integration with existing systems

Large Containers in Banking systems

Facilitates the deployment of faster and cost-effective services at scale by renovating banking technology

Icon representing customer reviews

Improves customer satisfaction and experience by expediting customer onboarding via modern digital platforms

Document Assessment

Enhances credit risk assessment, fraudulent activities detection, and provides real-time alerts for suspicious transactions by employing AI-based solutions

Loans in Banking services

Streamlines loan application processes by leveraging data-driven credit assessment that enables quicker approvals


Automates payment processes, fraud detection, and customizes reporting for real-time visibility of cash flows

Document Evaluation and Check

Elevates risk management by imbibing transparency and security in cross-border transactions and reducing processing times

Risk management activities

Facilitates dynamic and flexible financing with improved terms of liquidity management

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Frequently asked questions

A comprehensive banking initiative leveraging technologies enabling banks to offer equitable services to retail and commercial clients.

While retail banking focuses on serving individual customers, individuals, families, communities, and small businesses, commercial banking provides services to larger and more organized clients such as enterprises, large companies, government entities, and institutions.

The 5 main functions of a commercial bank are mobilization of savings, supply of finance, creation of liquidity, facilitating the development and growth of the economy, and subsidiary functions, such as credit cheques, ensuring the safety of valuables, managing risks, facilitating shares sale and purchase, etc.

The key objective of commercial banks is to ensure liquidity and provide capital in the financial markets to facilitate economic growth.