News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More
News!: Opus Technologies Launches FinGeniusAI Solutions – An Open Innovation Platform for Building Future-Ready Solutions.. Know More

Testing Services

Driving Customer Satisfaction with Mature FinTech Testing Services

With 25+ year of expertise in payments systems, Opus ensures that a digital payments solution is secure, compliant, performant, integrated, and intuitive., With the rising popularity of modern digital payments, a well-tested system helps mitigate the policy and performance risks associated with new-age business models.

Key Challenges Faced by Banks, and Digital Payment Enablers in FinTech Testing

Working with PC for digital payment enablement options
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Complexity in supporting stringent regulatory compliances across diverse payment modes

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Incoherent legacy systems that make backward compatibility and integration difficult

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Degradation of application performance during peak transaction periods

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Difficulties in offering an intuitive, seamless, and cohesive experience across user touchpoints

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Inadequate technical and domain expertise to conduct comprehensive use case, integration, and regression testing while ensuring security and preventing fraud

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Lack of interoperability with other platforms, such as e-commerce applications

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Complex unification of diverse payment methods, currencies, and automation technologies

Accelerating Product Launch with Well-Structured Testing Services

With the deep adoption of digital payment solutions, the associated risks have come to the fore. The criticality of the domain and the pace of its growth demand proficiency in the development and testing processes. Opus combines testing competence and industry expertise to help businesses launch only the highest-quality products. By automating testing processes and fostering collaboration across multiple stakeholders involved, Opus helps banks accelerate product launch, reduce risks, meet regulatory requirements. Mature testing frameworks at Opus encompass manual, certification, performance, security, chaos, integration, and functional testing.

Our FinTech Testing Services Include

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Providing expert consultancy regarding design, technology, and automation practices based on domain

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Accelerating FinTech application testing processes via manual, certification, performance, security, chaos, integration, automation, functional testing approaches

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Covering a wide array of interaction channels for the payment applications such as POS devices, simulators, web portals, mobile applications, ATMs, and much more

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Ensuring 360-degree coverage of business functional areas, such as digital and core banking, money movement across switch and gateways, merchant and card management through in-depth test cases and test repositories

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Enabling live testing for mobile labs and modern ATMs

Opus Ensures Customer Satisfaction and Payments Security

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Prevents fraud and ensures security and stability through early detection of vulnerabilities

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Enables faster deployment of new product features and functionalities by speeding up testing process with automation and continuous testing

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Saves time, effort, and costs by identifying potential issues in early stages

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Increases customer satisfaction by highlighting friction points and offering seamless user experience across channels

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Prevents legal liabilities by ensuring compliance with numerous regulatory standards, such as PCI DSS

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Reduces downtime through timely identification of performance issues and effective contingency planning

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Frequently asked questions

Testing of FinTech applications is essential to ensure that the products are developed according to the standard processes and delivered as per customer expectations. These services verify functional coverage, usability, reliability, and security of FinTech applications.

The testing services are focused on identifying underlying deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the product. This helps in accelerating the time to market and enhancing the user experience.

FinTech services enable users to access financial services through digital modes such as mobile or web applications with advanced technologies. They include money transfers, lending, insurance, banking, etc.

In a customer-centric industry such as FinTech, quality assurance testing is essential because it helps maintain conformance with industry standards while ensuring its operability by the layman. It also helps in verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the product before it reaches the end user.

Strategic FinTech assessment testing has multiple facets. It involves comprehensive manual and automated testing to ensure that the security, reliability, compliance, and accessibility requirements of the FinTech app are met. This can be accomplished with the help of comprehensive data, automation, load, security, regression, and database testing.